2018 Bare Essentials

The New Year allows us to press the restart button. The winter weather can take its toll on skin and leave us feeling less than our best so it’s time to pay special attention our morning skincare routine. Try incorporating these four rejuvenating must-haves from Epara into your bathroom ritual and you will enjoy a fresh-faced 2018.

1. Cleansing Oil
Epara’s mild cleanser improves the overall appearance and softness of skin. Its brightening formula is packed with rich essential oils, which prevent irritation and fight hyper-pigmentation. Apply to damp skin or add to warm water and lather on, rinsing well.

2. Hydrating Mist
Our light, refreshing face mist reconstructs the skin’s natural barrier in order to combat dryness, lessen scars and deliver instant hydration. Spray lightly and evenly to the face after cleansing.

3. Balancing Face Oil

This time of year calls for some extra care to balance dryness and protect the skin’s barrier, which is what Epara’s Face Oil is here for. Using the dropper, dispense 2-3 drops of oil onto your fingertips and pat gently onto your face.

4.. Moisturising Face Cream SPF15
This luxurious, nourishing moisturiser contains a potent blend of botanicals to target imperfections and even skin tone. Your face will be left feeling smooth and protected. Apply evenly across the face, ideally after the Face oil has been fully absorbed.

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