Shirley's Wardrobe

We’re very pleased to introduce Shirley B Eniang as our first Epara ambassador.  Shirley is a London-based beauty, fashion and lifestyle influencer whose Shirley’s Wardrobe blog, social media and YouTube channels have a huge following thanks to her exacting appreciation for luxury and flair for looking fabulous. Like our founder Ozohu Adoh, Shirley is Nigerian entrepreneur with a passion for skincare, so she makes an ideal partner for Epara.

In her first video with us, Shirley shares her personal Epara skincare routine and while embracing the Epara experience, which is about cocooning, comfort and pleasure. Shirley’s techniques show how you can use each of her favourite Epara products to achieve healthy, glowing skin, in the safe knowledge that they are all suitable for your skin.

“Beauty to me isn’t just limited to the outside, it comes from the inside too,” writes Shirley. “I personally like to take care of my skin in a simple way and I’m so happy to have found the perfect products that are going to cater to my needs, step by step, to help me achieve a soft and youthful look and feel.”

Keep tuning in for further insights from Shirley later in 2018.

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