Epara’s launch in 2017 garnered global press attention. UK publications such as Stylist, YOU and the Financial Times wanted to meet our founder, Ozohu Adoh. Equally the likes of Refinery 29, Melan and Brownbeautytalk introduced us to their targeted audiences and Nigerian media including Schick, This Day and The Luxe Digest reported on our Lagos debut.

Epara Skincare - The Hotlist - The Observer

Respected journalist Funmi Fetto included Epara in her article for The Observer newspaper profiling beauty innovators. Meanwhile in The Sunday Telegraph's Stella magazine, Ozohu was named among the year's industry disruptors, calling Epara "a new but much-anticipated entry into the beauty world". And since then, Epara has stayed in the spotlight with praise coming from such titles as US and British Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Wallpaper and many more.

Epara has won several accolades over the years including Best New Product for Dark Skin at the Grazia Beauty Awards and Best Cleanser at the Allure Best of Beauty Awards. The brand has also been supported by notable tastemakers such as Emma Corrin, Temi Otedola, Zhang Zyi and Kylie Jenner as well as key social media influencers.


Epara Skincare - Stella Magazine

Ateh Jewel, a champion of black beauty, wrote in Grazia that only now “has the UK ever had such a high end range dedicated to darker skin tones,” thanks to Epara. She added: “The industry is finally sitting up and paying attention to the needs of darker skins, which are, not surprisingly, very different to the needs of lighter hued skins”. This view was supported by Katie Service in ES magazine, who wrote that “standard anti-pigmentation skincare for paler tones blank-treats skin cells, resulting in an undesired bleaching effect on black skin”. We are thrilled that Epara has contributed to opening up a dialogue around issues facing those with high levels of melanin, which were clearly not being served by other premium ranges.

Epara Skincare - Grazia Magazine

Crucially, journalists were also able to experience Epara’s products on a personal level and see the benefits for themselves. These investigations further support both the natural efficacy of our formulas and the clinical results achieved. The Annual Grazia Beauty Awards selected the Epara Cleansing Oil as the Best New Product for Dark Skin. The Cleansing Oil was also listed as Best Cleanser for hyperpigmentation by Marie Claire.

Epara Skincare - Grazia Beauty Awards 2017

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Epara intends to remain a serious player in luxury skincare and looks forward to more insightful press in 2018. This story has only just begun…