The word Epara translates from the Nigerian Ebira dialect as “to cocoon,” which is what our products aim to do. The full collection is designed to envelope you in luxury by being pampering, indulgent and protective.

Using skincare should be a pleasurable experience. Epara has blended botanicals and plant oils such as plankton extract, marula oil, shea butter and geranium essential oil to develop formulas that not only soothe, brighten and care for your skin but also create beautifully balancing and nourishing aromas.

Our products are also proven to deliver long-term benefits. Regular use can improve hyper-pigmentation and result in smoother skin. Additionally, Epara offers a daily skincare ritual, which is a simple way to promote self care. Enjoying the textures, fragrances and sensations of our products will provide you with a few moments of relaxation each day.

It’s time to wrap yourself in the all-natural goodness of Epara.

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