Welcome to the world of Epara. If you’ve made it this far, you may already know that Epara is a new brand dedicated to creating luxurious and authentic skincare for women of colour. We are driven by the desire to provide solutions for your skin’s unique needs and believe that everyday pampering should start with sustainable ingredients sourced from the rich soils of Africa.

Epara aims to go beyond the ordinary, inviting you to experience products that are specifically formulated to nurture, heal and enhance from head to toe. That’s why we named the brand after the Ebira phrase ‘to cocoon’ – it envelops you in goodness.

The Stories section is our way of sharing the passion that has gone into handcrafting our line of clinically proven products and delving into how Epara cares for dry, uneven and sensitive complexions.

It is also a place for exploring our inspirations and obsessions – and meeting likeminded people like you. We want to talk about natural beauty, as well as the best things in life, like fashion, art, design and music. All of these interests can bring us balance and happiness, just like the very finest skincare.

So, please join us on this exciting journey of discovery.

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