The science behind the brand

Great skincare should have positive effects on both your appearance and confidence.

Many cosmetics promise youth and beauty, however creating products that really address skin issues requires robust scientific knowledge.

Working with a respected UK laboratory, Epara originally honed its formulations by blending natural ingredients from Africa with botanical actives to create premium products for women of colour. Avoiding harsh chemicals and preferring pure oils and plants, Epara harnessed science to find effective solutions to dryness and hyper-pigmentation while ensuring products remained sensuous and joyous to use. It’s this unique mix that puts Epara apart.

Epara’s efficacy is supported by independent clinical trials that follow strict procedures, assessing specific effects and outcomes associated with product use for women across a spectrum of ages, skin types and ethnicity. In tests, our Face Serum was clinically proven to brighten, instantly hydrate and improve skin smoothness with 80 percent of women finding that it visibly improved skin appearance after 28 days.

Epara’s Eye Serum was also proven to reduce dark circles, visibly lift the skin, and hydrate the contoured area around the eyes. In trials, 83 per cent of women reported improved appearance after 28 days.

These results demonstrate that Epara is truly at the forefront of scientific skincare.

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