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The beauty world has evolved. We are increasingly seeing cosmetics and make-up for a wide variety of consumers and markets. There is also a very lucrative global business for Afro hair products. Surprisingly however, there have been no luxury brands that cater specifically for women of color, until Epara.

In 2015, our founder Ozohu Adoh had become frustrated with constantly searching for skincare that suited her skin. Born in Nigeria and based in England, she had tried and tested a huge number of premium products, yet recognizing that none of these worked, she decided to make her own.

Ozohu began by researching natural ingredients from Africa, formulating creams by hand and trying them out on her herself. With persistence and tenacity, she eventually produced blends that led to an improvement in her skin. People were so impressed by the results that they asked her to make some for them as well. “Friends started to requesting this thing in a nondescript jar,” she recalls fondly.

With a professional background in finance and strategy, Ozohu decided to turn her handmade formulas into a major beauty brand. Her objective was to use active botanicals and essential oils to create bespoke skincare for darker skint ones. “The market was not addressing our needs,” says Ozohu. “Due to higher levels of melanin, typical problems present differently in darker skin tones than for Caucasian women.”

Ozohu partnered with a laboratory in the UK to fully extend the range and Epara was born in Spring 2017. Epara’s product efficacy is also supported by independent clinical research, ensuring that issues such as hyperpigmentation, dryness and unevenness are taken care of, leaving complexions soft and smooth. This makes the brand a game changer, establishing a new category in the beauty landscape.

Epara has paved the way for a new type of business, combining a unique approach to luxury, a focus on traditional techniques and an ethos of sourcing sustainable ingredients from Africa. The time is now to explore this new skincare landscape.

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