We welcome new products to our range!

2023 has been a busy year thus far for our team and head office. We have been busy preparing several launches and excited to launch our trio of our latest products; the Dual Fuel Mask, Hydrating Creme Gel and The Frank Candle

        Dual Fuel Mask

A mask inspired by a Korean product Ozohu had come across during her travels but a notch above. A customisable luxury face mask which will suit almost all skin types because you are in control of how much gel or creme to use depending on the type of skin you have. If your skin is oily, use more gel and if you are prone to dry skin use more oil. This face mask will uplift your skin and also nourish it. 

 Hydrating Creme Gel

A light and luxurious moisturising cream that will glide across the skin, reduce huperpigmentation but also protect your skin from pollution and dirt. Featuring an innovative microalgae blend, this will help with minimising hyperpigmentation.  

      The Frank Candle

A therapeutic and uplifting luxury candle made with love and a twist! A balance of tonic and aroma, you will love burning this and gifting it. 

        We hope you will enjoy our latest launches and products, they've been made with keeping the Epara family in mind!

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