Christmas and Epara have both arrived at Selfridges!


If you are headed to see the festive decor and lighting in London, now is the time to go to Selfridges! Adorned with beautiful Christmas decor and a shop on the top floor - this is a must visit. Visitors from all over the world enjoy the festive decor and shopping at this iconic department store that also revolutionised the beauty business. 

In that spirit, we have also officially arrived at Selfridges. One of our dream stores to have wanted to be featured in; our Founder was once told that instead of aspiring to be at Selfridges she should be considering farmers markets. Not that anything is wrong with farmers market, but launching a luxury skincare brand targeted at the luxury consumer required the right partnerships for us. Being at Selfridges amongst other leading department stores globally, makes Epara's dreams a reality. 

Ozohu's message this holiday season to all female entrepreneurs is to NEVER give up on your dreams! 

Please do visit us in the beauty section and support our brand.

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