Skincare Routine for Hyperpigmentation

When looking for a skincare routine to improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation, it’s important not to take extreme actions to try and get rid of the hyperpigmentation quickly. Whether treating or trying to prevent hyperpigmentation, patience and consistency are key to success. Your skin needs the right nourishment using skincare products with gentle, natural ingredients to not only treat hyperpigmentation, but also to rejuvenate the skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and give you that glow you’ve been looking for.

Hyperpigmentation can go away by itself, but when you have dark patches around the mouth, eyes or anywhere else on the face, it can cause you to feel self conscious. At Epara Skincare, we have put together the following skincare routine to help you treat or prevent hyperpigmentation.

Daily skincare routine for hyperpigmentation

By following the 9 steps outlined below every day, you’ll have the best chance of preventing hyperpigmentation, or reducing its appearance quicker if you currently suffer from hyperpigmentation:

      1. Wash your face and body with warm water. Your daily morning shower doesn’t have to change much, just ensure you aren’t showering with very hot water as this can be bad for your skin, and gently wash your face any body rather than roughly scrubbing at your skin.
      2. Gently dab your skin with a dry towel to remove most of the water from your shower, but don’t let your skin dry completely, as you’ll want to have damp skin for the next part of your skincare routine.
      3. Gently massage our Luxury Comforting Body Cream into your skin. This luxurious body cream is designed to brighten your skin whilst giving it all the nourishment it needs. Massage the cream into your entire body, excluding your face. This product is designed to target those rougher areas of skin on the body such as the knees and elbows, leaving you feeling supple and smooth.
      4. Dab your face with a dry towel. At this point, you want your face to be completely dry.
      5. Apply our Natural Cleansing Oil to your face. Gently massage the cleansing oil into your dry face with wet hands to turn it into a milky fluid, then rinse it off thoroughly and dab your face dry again.
      6. Apply our Hydrating Serum to your face. Our hydrating serum is designed to penetrate deep into the skin, providing thorough hydration whilst also brightening the skin with ingredients such as licorice root extract. Apply a drop of serum on each cheek and gently massage it in with your fingertips, then press into your skin from cheek to cheek and forehead to chin.
      7. The next step is to apply our Award Winning Moisturising Face Cream. Take a pea sized amount of the moisturising face cream and rub it into your hands, then massage it into your face. This will help to soften your skin, reduce hyperpigmentation and reduce inflammation.
      8. Apply sunscreen before you leave the house. Use a sunscreen with a 15 - 30 Sun Protection Factor (SPF) to protect your skin from the sun. Sun damage is one of the major causes of hyperpigmentation so this is a very important step!
      9. Gently wash your face and body with warm water just before bed. This will help to wash off the sunscreen and any buildup of dirt from the day.
      10. Apply the Epara Hydrating Serum to your face again. This product is most effective when used twice per day before a moisturising product.
      11. Finally, use our Brightening Night Balm, a product which has been designed to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation while you sleep. Pat a small amount of the brightening night balm onto your face and neck right before bed.

The above skincare routine for hyperpigmentation is incredibly thorough, so if it doesn’t fit into your lifestyle you can adapt it slightly. By washing your skin with warm water and applying our Luxury Hydrating Serum and Moisturising Face Cream every day, you’ll still be working towards your goals of preventing or reducing hyperpigmentation.

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