Brown Beauty Talk

Brown Beauty Talk, an online magazine focusing on beauty for women of colour, recently invited Ozohu Adoh to speak at its first Skincare Masterclass. Epara’s founder joined an expert panel of brand owners and experts including Alice Hart-Davis, Nneka Fleming and Antonia Burrell, who each shared their knowledge with an engaged audience of bloggers and social media influencers.

Ozohu explained that her personal quest for an accurate diagnosis and treatment for her own eczema and skin sensitivity led her to start investigating creating solutions at home. Ozohu’s early trials with natural ingredients from Africa yielded great results both for herself and others, which sparked the idea of developing a luxurious skincare range for women struggling from similar issues. Each speaker emphasized the importance of understanding your skin’s needs. For Ozohu, Epara is about delivering highly effective and long-term results for uneven skin tone and hyper pigmentation.

We are grateful to have been able to discuss Epara’s journey with Brown Beauty Talk’s community and with other brands and advocates who are equally committed to providing genuine skincare solutions for darker skin tones. Taking part in this event was a wonderful opportunity to bring Epara products to life and meet new friends. Please enjoy these photos from the evening.

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