How to restore a natural glow to your skin

Without regular maintenance, the natural glow our skin once had can easily slip away, and it becomes second nature to rely on makeup to brighten our complexion. But with the hotter months ahead, makeup is no longer the easiest option. In warmer temperatures it begins to feel heavy on the skin, leads to blocked pores, excess oil and blemishes. Also, you want makeup to be an option and never a necessity in showing you’re the best version of your skin to the world.

With Epara skincare, you can restore and enhance a healthy, radiant complexion that will leave you feeling confident to go barefaced this summer. 

Why do we lose radiance in our skin and how can we combat it?


When the skin lacks moisture, it can become dry and lead to dullness. Fine lines and wrinkles intensify, the texture appears rough and all radiance is lost. If you have particularly dry skin, it is important to invest in skincare that is specifically targeted to dry skin types. 

Hydrating serums are an effective way to replenish the skin as they contain active ingredients in the form of smaller molecules. This means that they can penetrate deeper into the skin for instant hydration and a dewy complexion. They should be applied to the skin after cleansing but before moisturising. 

Hydrating Serum

An invigorating, lightweight serum for dry and combination skin clinically proven to deliver hydration straight to the source for immediate luminosity. Licorice root extract brightens the skin, onopordum acanthium flower heals and repairs its barrier to prevent future moisture loss, and frankincense oil softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Your skin is sleep-deprived

As we sleep, our skin is repairing itself and regenerating cells that have been compromised during the day by environmental aggressors such as pollution and ultraviolet rays. However, the amount of sleep we get can affect the skin’s cells efficiency to do so which can contribute to tired-looking skin. 

While the most obvious way to combat lifeless skin is to get more sleep, it is easier said than done. Adding a nourishing night balm into your daily routine will provide your skin with additional help and enhance the rejuvenation process that occurs during sleep. 

Brightening Night Balm

Prepare your skin for its beauty sleep in a cocoon of illuminating ingredients specially formulated to work while you rest. This indulgent night balm contains naturally sourced skin brightening actives that will awaken your skin’s glow overnight such as moringa and marula oil, while shea butter promotes healing and hydration. Hyperpigmentation and imperfections are smoothed over with plankton extract. With our Brightening Night Balm, you will wake up to beautifully bright, flawless and well-rested skin.


In our youthful years, our skin gives off a natural glow with little to no effort at all. However, as we age, restoring radiance can become a challenge. The skin naturally sheds dead skin cells in order to reveal newer, brighter skin underneath, known as cell turnover. The rate at which these cells turnover is affected by the ageing process which begins to decline as we get older. As a result, these dead skin cells can sit on the surface of the skin, blocking the natural shine of new skin cells. 

Regularly cleansing your skin followed by an exfoliator will ensure the removal of dead skin cells and stimulate cell turnover.

Cleansing Lotion

Our award-winning cleanser is rich in plant and botanical brighteners suitable for all skin types, including those with hyperpigmentation. Its silky, hydrating formula will help to remove dead skin cells, impurities and makeup without stripping essential oils, revealing a natural glow and even skin tone. 

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