How to naturally tackle hyperpigmentation with plankton extract

Epara uses premium natural and organic botanicals from Africa to address skin concerns for women of all colours. Every formula has a luxurious texture that feels sensational on the skin and good for the soul as we harness the power of nature for scientifically proven results.

One of the main skin conditions women face is hyperpigmentation. But for those who do not want to undergo treatment, Epara skincare is a safer and equally effective solution that prioritises your wellbeing.

What is hyperpigmentation?

Melanin is a natural skin pigment found in the body. It is responsible for the colour of our skin. But when our body begins to produce excess melanin, it gathers beneath the surface creating darker patches and spots, otherwise known as hyperpigmentation. Overexposure to UV rays, inflammation and hormones are all contributing factors to the overproduction of melanin.

Because women with darker skin tones naturally produce more melanin than those with lighter skin tones, they are more likely to come across hyperpigmentation in their lifetime.

How does plankton extract reduce hyperpigmentation?

Plankton extract, a marine botanical, is a key ingredient in each of our skincare products for its inclusive approach to reduce hyperpigmentation. We believe every woman deserves to feel beautiful and proud of the skin they are born in but many ingredients that aim to tackle hyperpigmentation can also lighten the skin tone altogether. However, plankton extract only targets the areas where melanin is overproduced, maintaining the overall skin tone but with an even, flawless finish.

Plankton extracts are sourced from many different species of algae and seaweed, all of which are rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids needed for healthy skin. Several forms of plankton can survive off photosynthesis, and as a result, they contain vital enzymes that can brighten the skin and minimise hyperpigmentation. With regular use of plankton extract, the skin will appear more radiant and even in tone.

Epara’s top picks for hyperpigmentation:

Natural Cleansing Oil

A gentle, nutritious cleansing oil that improves the overall appearance and health of the skin whilst monitoring sebum production. It provides a deep clean to remove the build-up of dirt, bacteria and pollution which can darken the appearance of hyperpigmentation, while plankton extract works to reduce it.

Moisturising Face Cream

This luxurious face cream is rich in plankton extract to target hyperpigmentation and imperfections for a desirable even complexion. It also contains SPF15 protection to prevent future dark spots. Once gently warmed in the hands, it will effortlessly glide over the skin and melt into its deeper layers for intense all-day hydration and defence against the elements with nourishing ingredients such as shea butter, sodium hyaluronate and argan oil.

Comforting Body Cream

A beautifully aromatic body cream to treat your senses and minimise hyperpigmentation with the use of plankton extract. The ultra-rich formula contains a high concentration of coconut oil, mango butter, aloe vera and sweet almond oil to provide optimal hydration. From the very first use, it will leave the skin feeling soft, supple and smooth to the touch.

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