"We believe that ingredients Mother Nature has provided within the African continent is best suited for skin concerns of women of colour". We have taken great care to ethically source ingredients from across the continent and draw out their healing, antioxidising and nurturing properties. Moringa from Kenya, Marula from South Africa, Argan from Morocco and Shea from Ghana work together to give Epara products their proven efficacy, smooth textures and beautiful aromas.

By going to the source of this goodness, Epara is supporting local industries, co-ops and farmers. Free from synthetic chemicals, Epara channels the potency of herbs and plants to create truly artisanal, scientifically proven, pleasurable-to-use skincare.





"Before clothes, jewellery, shoes or make-up, it's your skin that must first be elegant," says Ozohu of Epara's skincare philosophy. "When women of colour use Epara, I want them to look and feel amazing because they know they've chosen a brand that is best suited for women of colour. They can go out into the world each day exuding confidence."