How to Balance Skin Tone

The quest for even skin tone is a constant concern for women of colour. The distribution of melanin and pigments in our skin is not always homogenous and discovering dark marks and uneven patches can be very distressing. In reality, all skin tones will suffer from uneven complexions to some extent, however this can manifest in many different ways.

Traditionally, skincare for black and Asian consumers has focused on chemical ingredients that reduce the levels of melanin in the skin, creating a lightening or clarifying effect. Some of these chemicals are effective in tackling dark areas, however the mechanisms may have implications for skin quality, often damaging melanin or leading to increased sensitivity.

Epara is different. The key botanical actives in our entire skincare collection balance and brighten the complexion naturally, without causing lightening. We use an algae extract that is proven to tackle those areas with excessive melanin production. In combination with selected plant oils and butters, the Epara range nurtures, hydrates and nourishes the skin while balancing all at the same time. Our skincare is therefore suitable for anyone who wants to improve the health of their skin in the most gentle and pure way.

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